Open Source IDE

dbKoda is licensed under the AGPL 3.0, just like MongoDB. Completely free in every way. Download for Mac, Windows or Linux or build from GitHub source.

Productivity Tools

dbKoda is a rich MongoDB code editor with syntax highlighting, code completion, formatting and more. Graphical interface to MongoDB administration and query commands. Quickly switch between multiple MongoDB servers.

Modern GUI

dbKoda is built completely in JavaScript. A fresh and contemporary look and feel on every platform.


Code Editor

dbKoda has a rich editing environment which fully supports MongoDB code and all MongoDB shell features. Code folding, syntax highlighting, code completion and formatting support. Quick access to explain output and an integrated shell command line. A visual aggregation builder allows rapid and accurate coding of complex aggregation pipelines.

Screen Shot 1

Tree Actions

Explore your database's storage, users and collections in the dbKoda tree. See attributes and index structure. Right click access to MongoDB commands. See the MongoDB commands generated on the fly as you fill in the command input form.

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Connection Manager

Connect to all your servers and switch between them on the fly as needed. Display the topology of sharded clusters and replica sets. Use SSH tunnelling to securely connect to your MongoDB production servers.

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Mac (OSX)


Linux (AppImage)


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Who we are

Southbank Software is a Melbourne based software development company that aims to develop database tools for the next generation of database professionals. Southbank Software is located in Melbourne Australia. Strangely enough, the team works on the North bank of Melbourne’s Yarra River. Go Figure.

The team are united in their passion for open source, JavaScript, MongoDB and lunch. They love building dbKoda and hope you'll love using it.

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