Bring performance into focus with dbKoda!

A modern open source database development and admin tool,
now available for MongoDB. Latest Release: v1.1.0


  • Open source and completely free in every way. Download for Mac, Windows or Linux or build from GitHub source.
  • Rich text editor with auto-complete, syntax highlighting and code formatting.
  • Unique real-time Peformance dashboard.
  • Visual explain plan.
  • Index advisor.
  • Graphical aggregation pipeline builder.
  • One-click access to MongoDB administration commands.
  • Real-time view of user activity.
  • Storage analyzer.
  • SQL queries with Apache Drill.
  • Convert MongoDB commands to Node.js syntax.
  • Data load and unload utility.
  • Profling manager.
  • Chart builder.


dbKoda’s rich code editor allows you to compose MongoDB queries and scripts with syntax highlighting, auto-complete and code formatting. View output in foldable JSON, tabular format or as a chart. Generate visual explain plans with a single click. The explain plan viewer will suggest indexes that may improve performance, and provide one-button creation of those indexes. Build simple queries or complex aggregates using the graphical query builder.

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dbKoda lets you perform administrative activities using fil-in-the-blanks actions from the database tree. Manage configuration, user’s roles, logging, database storage and data import/export without having to lookup obscure MongoDB syntax. We construct the appropriate commands as you fill-in-the-blanks, so you can re-use the command in admin scripts or tweak the syntax as desired. dbKoda includes an SSH terminal which allows command line access to the server OS, so you can issue OS commands directly from within the dbKoda product.

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dbKoda includes a unique real-time performance dashboard that shows the current load on your database server including operating system and MongoDB server statistics. Drill into top connections to identify operations that are currently consuming resources. From here, kill long running operations, or tune the queries that are adding the most load. dbKoda integrates with the MongoDB profiling system giving you another way to identify and tune problematic queries.

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Who we are

Southbank Software is a Melbourne based software development company that aims to develop database tools for the next generation of database professionals. Southbank Software is located in Melbourne Australia. Strangely enough, the team works on the North bank of Melbourne’s Yarra River. Go Figure.

The team are united in their passion for open source, JavaScript, MongoDB and lunch. They love building dbKoda and hope you'll love using it.

This tool brings a fresh and contemporary feel to the MongoDB platform.


The most appealing feature is the app’s performance panel. This incredibly useful dashboard is all about offering comprehensive insights into the performance of your instances.


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