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dbKoda Hotfix 0.61

  • Jul 29, 2017
  • Guy Harrison

Today we released a hot fix to correct an error which may occur if your mongodb binaries are in your local path but not in your system path. On Linux or Mac, this could happen if you constructed your PATH in your .bash_profile script.

The error manifests as a “Create Shell Connection Failed” error when you press CONNECT after creating a profile. This can occur even if the TEST button indicates that the connection is OK.


If you encounter this error, please download a new copy of the dbKoda binaries from

This error is caused by our nodeJS shell process not picking up “local” path settings that might be included in (for instance) .bash_profile. There are still a few conditions that may still cause problems, most notably if you have a PATH that includes $HOME. For reasons that remain shrouded in mystery, the nodeJS child_process implementation does not resolve that variable - “~” is OK, “$HOME” is not. In this situation, you can manually specify a mongodb binary path in our config.yml file.

See this FAQ entry for more information.