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MongoDB sample Collections

  • Aug 21, 2017
  • Guy Harrison

We have a small “collection” of MongoDB collections that we use during dbKoda testing and development. You might find them useful when trialling the product or learning MongoDB.

Some of the collections in the repository include:

  • DBEnvyLoad: DBEnvyLoad_customers,DBEnvyLoad_orders and DBEnvyLoad_products. These are collections we use to run a load simulation on our EC2 instance. A small subset only.

  • Sakila: A port of the MySQL sample “Sakila” database to MongoDB. See here for details

  • crunchbase_database: The crunchbase startup database. Used in the MongoDB university courses.

  • enron_messages: A bunch of messages from Enron. Used in the MongoDB university courses.

  • samples_friends: Episodes from the TV show “Friends”

  • samples_pokemon: Pokemon database

  • video_movies, video_movieDetails, video_reviews. Movies and reviews database

You can get the collections here. The collections are in MongoDB dump format. The explains how to load them.

You will be able to load them from within the latest build of dbKoda using the load database function. Right click on the “restore database” item on the explorer tree at the database node:


Now browse to the “dump” directory within the repository:


dbKoda will load the data for you.

The load database function is coming in version 0.7 which is due out on September 1st. Go to our releases page and download a nightly release if you want to use this functionality in the meantime.